In a world where the smallest insight can spark a breakthrough idea, intuition is more valuable than ever. What do the Dyson vacuum cleaner, Facebook and Lululemon yoga pants have in common? Every one of them was the result not of data-driven analytics or corporate brainstorming sessions, but a hunch – the intuitive understanding of a deep, unmet need, informed by insight and foresight. Hunch shows you how anyone can uncover the kind of insights that become breakthrough ideas…

Hunch by Bernadette Jiwa is a book for anyone with an idea. Hunch is a book for anyone who dreams of making things happen. And Hunch is a book for any female entrepreneur or business owner. A relatively short read, Bernadette Jiwa takes you through a variety of exercises to fuel your imagination and find your focus – alongside some of the most inspiring stories of success like the how Spanx first came to market as well as the first ever reusable coffee cup.

What we loved:

Hunch is only 208 pages and can easily be digested in a day. Or a little longer if you want to work through the exercises as you go. In business, we don’t always have heaps of time to sit and read books do we? But with something so short but so inspiring and thought provoking I urge you to take 2 or 3 hours out of your day to sit and immerse yourself in Hunch…just see what happens. Maybe that idea you’ve had bubbling away about your business or your product is about to surface!

You might be a CEO or an executive with big dreams; Hunch is for everyone. No complicated business jargon here! Bernadette’s style is approachable and friendly yet powerful. Her words empower you to succeed. And there’s the right amount of ‘You can do this’, along with honest accounts of how some of the big guys got to the top.

What I really loved is how Hunch made me realise that such a simple idea can be transformed into some of the worlds biggest selling products and services. Take Spanx for example, such a simple thought sparked the birth of a product that’s flipped the underwear world on it’s head. The best ideas are the simplest.

They say there is an idea/an invention/a money making machine in us all and I have a feeling that when you read Hunch you’ll just want to tell the world about your big idea.

GozenGirls Rating: 5/5

[amazon_textlink asin=’0241290961′ text=’HUNCH: Turn Your Everyday Insights into the Next Big Thing’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’gozen-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’92295b2d-9267-11e7-9eab-6bedf576f9f7′] by Bernadette Jiwa (Penguin, £9.99) is out now and available to buy from Amazon.

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