This is a book that will leave a mark on you heart for sure…

Cathy Rentzenbrink grew up behind the bar of her parents pub in Snaith, Yorkshire alongside her younger brother Matty. They had a close group of friends and the family, owning the local pub, were at the heart of their community. Cathy was a normal teenager until one Saturday night when everything changed…

I don’t want to give too much away about what happens in the book but here’s an overview.

Cathy and her brother Matty, went off to a disco after a shift at their parents pub one Saturday night. Cathy left early. Matty was knocked down on in his way home in a hit-and-run. Matty was just 16. From that day on, Matty was never able to breathe on his own again.

Cathy’s life changes dramatically following the events of that Saturday. Never again will she see her brother laugh, never again will they play fight together and Cathy will never see him marry or have kids. But Matty is alive.

The book is heartbreaking to say the least. A very honest account of the events that happened. It will get you thinking – imagine if this was me? How quickly can life change? One minute you’re going through the motions, heading off to work, seeing friends and family at the weekend and then suddenly tragedy can hit and life is no longer ‘as you know it’. How would you cope?

How does a family cope when an accident causes such heartache? How can you let go of someone you love? How is something you never thought you’d agree on the only other option? What is the last act of love?

A true story, The Last Act of Love is a story about loyalty, family, and love. It’s a story that might shock. It’s a story that will leave a mark. And it’s a story of courage and bravery; and the relationship between a brother and a sister.

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Review by Donna