Citrus Hand Sanitiser b y 360 Botanics


Non drying Vegan Hand-Sanitiser with pure essential oils.

  • Contains over 70% alcohol
  • Keeps your hands soft as well as clean
  • 100% pure essential oil blend
  • No rinse, quick drying spray
  • Each 50ml bottle delivers over 300 uses
  • Refreshing ‘Sherbet’ Citrus scent
  • Hand made in Small Batches

Stay safe when you’re on the go with our quick drying protective spray formulated with moisturising vegetable glycerin and a special blend of anti-bacterial Citrus essential oils that will keep your hands clean and sanitised on the go.

Hand Sanitiser is made with 70% alcohol, water, moisturising glycerin and a refreshing blend of sweet smelling Citrus anti-bacterial essential oils.

Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water is always best to prevent the spread of bacteria but when it’s not possible, this pocket-size bottle will help keep your hands clean when you’re out and about.

Shake bottle well to release the oils, then dispense 1 or 2 sprays liberally to cover both front and back of the hands, making sure to work between the fingers, over the nails and up to the wrists.

We use a mix of 70% alcohol (pharmaceutical grade isopropyl alcohol) blended with skin nurturing vegetable glycerine and naturally anti-bacterial essential oils. This hand sanitiser really keeps you clean and smelling great!

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Non drying Vegan Hand-Sanitiser with pure essential oils.


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