Emma Gannon was born in 1989, the year the World Wide Web was conceived, so she’s literally grown up alongside the Internet. She was basically social networking way before it was a thing – and she’s even made a successful career from it. This is Emma’s first book, Ctrl Alt Delete.

Ahead of Emma’s second book launch, we wanted to remind talk to you about her INCREDIBLE first book – Ctrl Alt Delete. Consumed in under a day, so much laughter that my tummy hurt and a whole host of head nods just thinking about my own journey through the internet pre-Facebook. This book made me feel nostalgic and made me reminisce on how things used to be done at school and college, way before the days of stories, filters and hashtags!

A book for anyone born pre 1995 or anyone who works in social media, Ctrl Alt Delete is a super honest account of Emma’s own relationship with the internet. How she really has grew up online. From dial up internet to late night MSN chats to the becoming a blogger and an influencer.

The book brought back so many moments of what my own teenage years were like and sparked mammoth chats about the old days with my friends. Remember how we used to race home and plug the phone line into the back of the computer just to get onto MSN and talk to our crush? The endless photos we used to take for our Bebo profile? All of it! It blew my mind just how far the internet has come in a relatively short amount of time – I wonder where we can go next…did someone say Vero? (Not sure about that one!)

I’ve read Emma’s blogs and content before and her book was no different – so easy to digest and like listening to podcast (by the way Emma has her own podcast which I cannot recommend enough!) I think that’s why I read it so quickly! I love the way Emma writes. Right now it’s amazing how there are so many talented writers aged 30 and under that are just sharing how it is and how it was, in such a lighthearted way. It makes us all feel just that little bit more normal I think!

Emma’s new book ‘The Multi-Hyphen Method is out in May and I’m already counting down the days. In the meantime why not read our interview with Emma in our Meet the Author features?

Ctrl Alt Delete is available to buy via [amazon_textlink asin=’B019CGXXT2′ text=’Amazon’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’gozen-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’6c81ca56-1c95-11e8-a2c4-97fc75b5d29b’].