A woman we like to refer to as a national treasure, meet Davina McCall. A woman you want to go out dancing with, drink tea and gossip with and a woman who has a whole backstory that you might not think exists, given her super smiley exterior. She’s the woman with those abs and that husband. We couldn’t wait to tuck into Davina’s book!  

You should see my copy of Davina McCall – Lessons I’ve Learned. It’s packed full of page markers! The book has so many of those ‘Ooh that’s a great quote’ or ‘I must remember that’, ‘I must read that’ moments that it’s actually a pretty hard book to rate in just one review. I feel a multitude of features coming to GozenGirls in the near future all centred around this book. But. Back to the review….


The whole way through this book I felt like Davina was sitting on the sofa literally chatting her life through with me, but not in a ‘I did this, then this, then this’ way. The book is sectioned into lessons and with each lesson Davina draws on her experiences in life to give advice. Like your very own agony aunt or therapist. You can delve in and out of the lessons that are relevant to you or go for the whole lot like me. This is what makes it a book that you can keep on your shelf, keep referring to and fill with notes.
I love how brutally honest Davina is. There’s a bit in the book where she holds her hands up and says ‘never moan about being famous’ – she is totally grateful for every opportunity, for being able to provide for her family and she is totally passionate about every single project that comes her way. And good on Davina I say. Especially when you read about her childhood and her teens, she has really made it happen! That makes her seem like a very relatable, very normal person. What you see is what you get. I love that about this book.
There are SO many great quotes in this book – did I already mention this?! Hehe! I loved that too!
The lesson we loved a lot – ‘Find true peace at Disney.‘ This gives us every excuse to get ourselves to Disney right? What this lesson says is that sometimes you need to be a little bit carefree and embrace your inner kid.


There wasn’t much about this book, if at all, that I personally didn’t like. Well apart from the fact that I really hope Davina writes another book. And that she decides to hold a GozenGirl book club event in honour of all the amazing books she recommends….Davina if you’re reading this – you know where to find us 🙂


To be loveable, you have to love yourself
Gratitude keeps you positive
Be brilliant
Accepting help is not a weakness
Stop following the rules
We could go on about Davina’s book. Buy it for yourself. buy it for a friend. Buy it for a new Mum. Buy it for your Mum. It’s a book for any female, at any stage in her life. You’ll love it and so will she.


Review by Donna