‘My commitment with this book is to wake up as many people as possible to their connection to faith and joy. In that connection, we can be guided to our true purpose; to be love and spread love. These words can no longer be cute buzz phrases that we merely post on social media. Rather, these words can be our mission. The happiness, safety and security we long for lies in our commitment to love.’
Gabrielle Bernstein
And that’s all it took. That one quote from Gabrielle Bernstein, printed on the back of her book, ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ for me to fall in love with her words, her ideas, her guidance and her many theories explored within its pages.
You might already be familiar with the kinds of books I really love. The books that inspired the creation of GozenGirls. The books that can lift you up when life gets you down. The books that put you in control of your destiny, exploring how the mind works and of course, the power of the universe.
I won’t lie. This book won’t be for everyone, but it was for me. If you’re new to meditation, mindfulness and spirituality you may find some of the practices difficult. I’d recommend reading #HigherSelfie before you delve into this one (review coming soon!) But if you’re familiar with A Course in Miracles and you’ve meditated before then I urge you to read The Universe Has Your Back.


Pick up or put down. You can either read your way through the book from front to back or you can dip in and dip out of it. Personally I went for reading the whole thing in sequence then added my trusty post-it notes to pages with guided mediations and visualtions that I wanted to come back and practice later. I like that this is a book that you can keep coming back to. There is so much to explore beyond the pages of Gabrielle’s book.
The real stories and the real results. Gabrielle Bernstein is no stranger to struggle, stress and disruption and she tells her story like it is throughout which I really liked. There’s no rose tinted glasses here. But what there is, is a proven success story about how having this power behind you can totally transform your thinking and your life. It’s pretty infectious.
The universe really does have your back. Cliche I hear you say? Never. This made things happen for me because I really invested in the words. I threw myself into the practices and I really let myself tune in to the power of the universe and it made things happen. And that’s exactly what Gabrielle says, when you tune in – the universe rewards you.
You’ll find a strength you didn’t think you had and you’ll achieve things you didn’t think you could. Just let yourself be committed while you experience the book. This isn’t just about reading it and passing it on, you need to invest in it to get what you want out of it.
Self healing is something I believe strongly in. We all face difficulties in life, but if we have a toolkit of practices, ways of thinking, visualising; we suddenly create our own medicine. We heal ourselves  just through learning and reading. And that’s pretty powerful!
You can purchase The Universe Has Your Back from HayHouse.
Review by Donna