Our very first event alongside the amazing team at HayHouse UK and Beth Kempton, and what an honour! For years I have admired the work of Louise Hay and her incredible publishing house, HayHouse. To be asked to create a super exclusive event with their UK head office and the GozenGirls community was something I had dreamt of happening when I first began creating content and building GozenGirls.

The event itself took place on the 21st September 2017. A dry, Autumnal day with one of those bright orange sunsets spanning across London that makes you want to stop and take a picture or two, one of those ‘magic-in-the-air’ sunsets!

Members of the GozenGirls community sat cuddled around with their copies of Beth Kempton’s AMAZING  book Freedom Seeker with a glass of fizz (of course) and waiting in anticipation of what was to come. The presence of Beth in the room alone was something very special. Beth has such a warm aura about her and I couldn’t wait to see what was ahead of us.

During the 2 hour workshop we enjoyed listening to Beth reading extracts from her book as well as delving into some activities including writing our own mini-manifest. Many of us discovered what it was that we wanted freedom from and started to understand why it was that we couldn’t quite break free from it, with advice straight from Beth.

It was pretty powerful watching a room full of strangers connect by swapping stories and exchanging secrets, as well as witnessing the impact that Beth’s words both from the workshop and her book, had on the group. By the end of the evening my fellow GozenGirls and I left with hearts full of inspiration, thoughts and a plan of action to help us embark on our own journeys to freedom.

Beth’s kindness, patience and way with words enchanted each and every one of us that evening and made a real lasting impression on all of us. Getting to experience her book in realtime was a very special moment.

I hope this first event will be the first of many – I can’t wait for more GozenGirls to experience the intimate nature of these workshops and if it’s anything like Beth’s workshop, it might just change your life! A huge thank you to Beth Kempton and to the team at HayHouse for a fantastic evening and for their continued support to GozenGirls.

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