How to Catch A Dream : 21 Ways to Dream (and Live) Bigger and Better by Theresa Cheung


How to Catch A Dream is the ultimate toolkit to become a lucid dreamer to create a happier and more fulfilling waking life. ‘Theresa Cheung shows us that the way forward is to understand that consciousness/spiritual awareness is the fundamental ground of all experience.’ DEEPAK CHOPRA Dream expert Theresa Cheung gives you everything you need to dream bigger and better in just three weeks. Week One: Dream Seeker Everybody dreams, but not everybody remembers them.

Not only will week one help you to recall your dreams, it will also help boost your creativity and encourage healthier sleep hygiene for a dreamy night’s sleep. Week Two: Dream Deeper Now your dream recall will be more consistent and you’ll be aware of how linked your waking and dreaming lives are. Now it’s time to dive deeper into your intuition and start trusting yourself more.

Week Three: Dream Catcher By week three you will be sleeping better, dreaming bigger and feeling more connected to yourself. Equipped with this knowledge and understanding, it’s time to ‘wake up’ in your dreams. Theresa will guide you through what happens when you become a lucid dreamer and show you that you have the power to influence your dreams, making anything possible.

Transform your life, begin to heal and go on a journey of self-discovery with How to Catch a Dream.


How to Catch A Dream : 21 Ways to Dream (and Live) Bigger and Better by Theresa Cheung

Format: Paperback - 208 pages

Publisher: Harper Collins

Imprint: Thorsons

ISBN: 9780008501983

Published: 6 Jan 2022