What a truly inspiring read! I brought this book at the Ignite event a couple of weeks ago that was organised by Hay House. Many new speakers and teachers in wellness and spirituality were there to share inspirational talks at what is now an annual conference held in London. It was my first attendance and will certainly not be my last.

One of the many speakers was the author of The Goddess Revolution Mel Wells. Listening to her share her journey from constant struggles with her body image and an unhealthy relationship with food to how she devised a unique method to change all that and live and feel better than ever was so motivational.



So much of the damaging negative feelings Mel had experienced are true for so many women, whether that be born from peer pressure at school, work colleagues, friends, our closest loved ones or the images and lifestyles of the rich and famous that are constantly there in our “social media world” -the effects of which can lead us all to be unaccepting of ourselves on all levels mind body and spirit.

What Mel makes us realise through her book is that none of us will truly find complete self acceptance and inner happiness if we continue to perceive that it can only be achieved if we follow the latest new diet, and only judge our happiness by the number on the scales or the size in the back of our dress.

Have you ever looked back at photos of yourself and instead of re living the memory of the happy time you were having, what you actually re live is remembering the time and energy you spent worrying and obsessing over food, your weight and your body image?

By reading this book Mel will teach you how to change the way you see and think about yourself, how to fall in love with yourself and how to care for and nourish the amazing person you are…mind body and spirit…. and how you too can live the life you are worthy of and deserve to live…forever!


It’s safe to say we loved this book! Mel, you are an inspiration. Purchase your own copy of The Goddess Revolution via Amazon.

Review by Collette