This was my very first read by Samantha Hayes. Once I read the synopsis on the back I couldn’t wait! I generally read crime & thrillers but felt like trying a different genre and this novel did not disappoint at all. 


Most of my reading is done on a Kindle but my daughter gave me this novel as a paperback and convinced me to re-visit the joys of opening a brand new book and enjoying the smell of the newly printed pages. 


What also excited me was the cover image, in this case dark and mysterious, These are all things I suddenly realised I had missed on an e-reader, especially when on this occasion I was going to be completely indulgent and cosy up for an whole afternoon of reading. Bliss! 


Welcome to the world of the two main characters Gina and Harriet, mother and daughter. Try if you can to imagine how you would feel and process the sudden and unexpected disappearance of your husband and father and you will be immersed in the minds of the storyteller and characters.

Gina really struggled with her husband’s Rick’s disappearance right from the start but I was puzzled at quite what was going through Harriet’s mind?
The story culminates at a country hotel one that you can just imagine yourself staying at and this is where a mysterious troubled unexpected “vacation” reveals the truth to Ricks disappearance.
The twists and turns kept me glued and guessing till the very end and the trauma and truth of his disappearance was not at all what I expected!


If you like psychological thrillers that are an easy read then this one will not disappoint. ….. If you have never tried one before make this your first. And if like me you normally use an e-reader try a book now and again and awaken the look, touch and smell of a beautiful new book. Enjoy!
You can buy a copy of In Too Deep as a Book or on Kindle via Amazon.
Review by Collette.