Six Weeks

of Summer

Grab your beach towel & your sunnies because your best-ever,
self-care summer starts here…



24th July 2023

Welcome aboard!

Okay, so we might not be jetting off on an all-inclusive holiday but we are absolutely about to embark on an epic, full summer-loving, self care experience that will give you all the goodness a fortnight in the sunshine will…just this experience will go wayyyy deeper than suntans and siestas.

Why a summer-based self care course? I want to empower you to unlock the transformative potential of self-care over the next six weeks.

Together we will depart on a journey through the mind, body & soul. Focusing on our emotional, physical, mental & spiritual health by exploring six different practices, creating a sustainable routine to enhance your whole well-being.

Join me for a self-paced, summer of self-care and commitment. 

Donna x


Whats included?

– Six self-guided, pre-recorded workshops for you to discover over the course of 6 weeks

– Six workbooks to complete that will enhance your self discovery

– Supporting meditations for you to replay as much as you like

– Two live group coaching calls with me, your host, Donna

– Supportive community of likeminded self-care seekers

What to expect?

Week 1 – Departure

In our first week, we will get ready for take off. Hit the departure lounge and remove any excess baggage that we are carrying which might be limiting our physical, emotional, mental spiritual health.

We will be reflecting on what has bought us here and what intentions will carry us to where we want to go.

Expect: Goal setting, ritual committing and future scripting

    Week 3 – The Journey

    This week we will dive into your mental health.

    We will explore mental health in 2023 and how to master your mindset to better health with tools like meditation, journaling and when / how to reach out for professional help.

    We will be exploring your nervous system and the depths of the vagus nerve and the misunderstood superpower it is.

    Expect: Powerful journalling exercises, meditations and honest, inspiring conversation starters

    Week 5 – Sunset Soaks

    In our penultimate week we will explore our spiritual health and connection. A place of discovery – this week we will look into a variety of ways to enhance connection to yourself, your energy, higher power and the universe around us.

    Expect: Crystals, chakras & meditation

    Week 2 – Take Off

    This week we will start to explore our physical health.

    Embarking on a journey of self discovery that will inspire you to understand how movement, sleep, nutrition and the breath can help you maintain optimal physical health.

    Expect: Breathwork & sleep meditations

    Week 4 – I Can See the Sea

    In week four, we will be riding the waves of our emotional health. Exploring the inner critic and how she might just be a life raft for you, the importance of buoyant boundaries and clear communication.

    By the end of week 4, you will have nailed your commitment to yourself and likely feeling more settled, more relaxed and most importantly – more calm.

    Expect: Visualisation and Affirmation

    Week 6 – Hometime

    In our final week together we will release the old and embrace the new. Share powerful visions for the future that is aligned to our own individual power and discover the law of attraction.

    WARNING: Expect large helpings of MAGIC in our final week.

    Expect: Visioning, future scripting, movement

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