‘May the positive energy of the universe surround you and flow through you, bring love to your heart, peace to your mind and calm to your spirit.’

Firstly, I have to admit that before reading this guide, spirituality and modern witchcraft wasn’t my thing. Whenever I came across the subject, I used to roll my eyes and believe it was all just Hocus Pocus but I can honestly say that I’ve been converted.

I was shocked to discover that the main focus of Magick is belief and that this actually needs to come from within. Bailey teaches you to re-adjust your thoughts, re-connect with yourself, believe in yourself and ‘the world is your oyster,’ as they say. The Modern Witch’s Guide to Happiness is a beautifully illustrated book that offers practical tips and tricks, self-care rituals and cleansing spells for everyday. Through the power of belief and the use of healing crystals, your stars, tarot cards and nature, Bailey has taught me that Magick, if practiced correctly, is a magnificent power that can relieve negativity and allow inner peace and happiness to shine through.

Finally, I must emphasise that this guide may not be to everyone’s taste but it has piqued my curiosity. I shall be pursuing further research and using these methods daily. Such a fascinating and wonderful read, thank you Luna Bailey. 

Review by Carrie Davies, WILDWOMAN Subscriber