Well hello lovely new series! Our brand new ‘Get Inspired’ series will feature interviews, inspiring thoughts and stories about women who are making their mark on the world and being generally incredible. And for our very first post I am SUPER excited to introduce you to Wildfire Women.

Wildfire Women is the genius project arriving in Brighton this September, created by the amazing Cat Rose & Thea Anderson. The two day event will see a whole host of incredible women delivering some pretty powerful words of wisdom and workshops.

I met Thea and Cat after going along to another equally amazing conference in Brighton – BelongCon (more on that later!) And boy am I glad I met this ladies. Thea and Cat met just a few months ago through a mutual friend and have been working relentlessly to get Wildfire Women off the ground. Their passion and enthusiasm is infectious. Cat and Thea are on a mission to build a community of bold souls who know there’s more to life and who are on the path to finding and following their true calling. How incredible is that? And something I am a HUGE believer in.

Get your tickets for WildfireWomen on September 9th – 10th before they sell out! 10% of the profits will go to Brighton domestic abuse charity RISE.